You began just like we did, waking up on the 1st of January thinking very hard on how 2015 was going to be your year. Then you blinked a couple of times and it was December and the month looked at you like real rappers must look at Kanye West and said “nah, just no”. We understand the feeling; we’ve been through that too.

However, let’s just think about it for a minute. In 2015 we’ve survived natural, economic and cultural catastrophes, Xmas bacchanalia, the “hello, it’s me” madness, detox juices and whatever normcore was with more or less elegancy. We’ve made a fool out of ourselves, we’ve done bad, good, not too bad, awful and Sonar. We’ve been rewarded, we’ve learnt, we’ve forgotten. Enrique Iglesias survived a drone attack and we didn’t magically wake up one day being as retrograde as Donald Trump. We didn’t prove that spontaneous combustion, in fact, exists. There’s been 365 dawns and sunsets, and for free.

2015 was our year, as the one that starts today will be, because every year is our year. Look around a lot, not in a horror film style, but as if you just arrived from Saturn and everything was new. Happy 2016!

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