Harry Griffin’s golden years


Getting old, that nightmare human beings have tried to escape from, deceive or postpone with miracle treatments, artichoke based diets or other stupid remedies. Let’s not be fooled, even if we get sentimental with The Golden Girls or Betty White, we don’t want to see ourselves with fake teeth, smelling like Weetabix, suffering from urine loss and with peanuts for benefits. Trying to look at the bright side of the scary scenery that’s coming towards us, I bring you the work of Harry Griffin and his portraits of the elderly. The pensioner life in South Florida, old people in sunbeds, daikiris and prosthesis; that’s the retirement I want, surrounded by luxury and suncream. The photographer not only focused on the bizarre world of getting old. Have a look at the rest of his work: in the Convention series he portraits how kitsch and perturbing the convention and trade fair world can be. While you’re looking through his website I’m going to work on my pension plan. See ya in a 2067 sunbed!






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