Here at La Monda we believe there should be a law that forbids chopping fuet when you eat it. If you don’t believe us, just try to leave the knife down and give it a good, juicy bite. Why would you need such an unfashionable tool when your mom paid for shiny brackets during your teens?

That might sound like a stupid law, but it’s not the only one. American 22-year-old Olivia Locher made this project about the absurd laws that exist in her country. Just the idea of crossing the Atlantic and going to America to break them all is enough to feel super hype. We could visit Wisconsin and risk our life for eating apple pie WITHOUT cheese, and eventually going to jail for that (who on Earth would ever invent this recipe anyway?). Or we could go to Arizona with our vast dildo collection and break the law since we have more than two, which is the maximum number allowed. In reality, our wildest fantasy is to explain the officer why and how badly we need each and every one of those sexy toys… Mmmmm…

As you can see, laws aren’t that bad after all. The fact is, we want you to learn from this report and ask yourselves again whether you want to support us in introducing our “fuet law”. Doesn’t it sound better already?

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