Inflatable Brett Kern


Don’t be fooled; as inflatable as they may seem, we don’t recommend that you prove your pulmonary capacity by inflating these figures. You could lose a lung trying it. The reason is easy to understand: because these figures are not what they look like. So say thank you to the artist Brett Kern for his dinosaur, astronaut and other sculptures that you could find as prizes at the shooting stall of your local funfair. We call them sculptures because it’s what they are: porcelain figures sculpted by the hand of the artist. He didn’t even leave out the famous valve needed to inflate them, those valves that were to be filled with litres and litres of slime and saliva. Luckily, when you buy one of these figures, saliva is not included. It’s a nice form to transform ephemeral objects, whose shape could change as time goes by, into perennial mementos for life.

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Brett Kern
Joe Carayol

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