At 92, just like that. Iris Apfel.


As long as future is concerned, we have two very clear things in mind. When we are 50 we want to be like Anna dello Russo with her “fashion showers”; and when we are 90, we want to emulate Iris Apfel: artist, designer, but most of all fashion icon, telling us that “more is more and less is a bore”. You need to have a lot of style, or at least a lot of grace, to put on her enormous magnifying glasses, her many collars, feathers and a whole lot of colours (she basically puts EVERYTHING on, ultimately practicing what she preaches) without looking like Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, and all this with her joyful 92 years of living! We want to entertain you with this mini interview, and to encourage you to watch it in its entirety, we’ll tell you that the best sentence and the very best pose are at the end of it.

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