Jaimie Warren’s selfies


The selfie fever is everywhere, from the already antique front-of-the-mirror-duckface ones widely spread by chavs to the candy sweet Japanese type. No one can’t escape from this media narcissism which is even worse after the infamous Oscars selfie. So many retweets are making us lose our minds. Seriously, it’s already been two week, we’ve all seen it, stahp.

 Anyway, it was inevitable that due to such an egocentrism and the “me, me, me” representation explosion, disturbing character such as Jaimie Warren would pop up. He’s decided to take the word “selfie” to another level, and he’s happily gone too far.

Jamie Warren takes selfies (which is, yeah, basically, a self portrait) disguised as several famous people, like Lana Del Rey, but combining them with fast food. As you can imagine, the result is quite creepy. We can witness how the artist creates such concepts as Lasagna Del Rey, OreOprah (Oprah Winfrey + Oreo), JonBeignet Ramsey (the infant martyr JonBenét fused with a pancake) or Rod Steward as a pretzel, while he elevates the selfies to the Fine Art category.







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