Jorge Penedés, national product


Here, just for you, there are some samples of Jorge Penadés’ furniture. He’s a young, talented product designer living in Malaga. Out of his work his candelabrum really stands out; we want it to decorate all our tables, and also to perform rituals, why not? We also recommend you to check out his last project, “Nomadic Chair”, that invites us to rethink our ideas about contemporary furniture, offering new perspectives in a more ephemeral context. In his own right words, “Luxury is not something about comfort anymore. Nowadays, luxury means being able to decide where you want to have a peaceful moment, a chance to escape the frenzy of contemporary lifestyle”. So boys and girls, you already know, you better start saving money and go visit him during the upcoming event Product Design Madrid, from the 21 to the 24 November.

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