Justin Anderson’s troubled waters

justin anderson video fashion film

Justin Anderson plunges us into the depths of darkness and corruption with the release of his new short-movie Jumper. The artist mesmerises us with his delicious sense of rhythm and his voluptuous yet disconcerting sense of composition. The sickly-sweet music warns us against the seemingly calm atmosphere; when desire looms, tensions – amongst other things-  arise… To the delight of all, Justin Anderson’s Jumper pays a juicy yet tasteful tribute to the Scottish fashion designer Jonathan Sanders for the tenth anniversary of his label (and to Pasolini’s film Teorema). At La Monda, we are in awe. While our mind still resonates with the memory of Guillaume Dolmans’ compelling walk –the stranger in Jumper- we invite you to explore Justin Anderson’s earlier work. The polished yet disturbing aesthetics, the humour, the poetic juxtaposition, the element of absurdity, and the nerve-wrecking feeling that something unexpected is about to happen might play on your mind long after the end credits!

justin anderson video film


Justin Anderson
Guillaume Thomas

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