Let’s have a bite of Karsten Wegener’s Wurst Art


The sentence “Darling, don’t play with food” echoes in everybody’s ears here at La Monda, a cruel reminder of when our parents tried to repress our first artistic impulses that drove us to make castles with cookies, games with Mikados, frescos with beet juice on the walls… Luckily, it seems someone else had a much easier time playing with food during his childhood. That’s the case of German photographer Karsten Wegener, who reinterprets some classics of contemporary art with a local, iconic product: Frankfurters! So in the pork meat section we get Edvard Munch’s Ham Scream, Jeff Koons’ Sausage Caniche, Van Gogh’s Mortadella Sunflowers, Damien Hirst’s Sausage Mother and Son… Is that homage or jest? In each case… Enjoy your meal!

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Karsten Wegener
Guillaume Thomas

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