Pure genius, the guy that invented the wheel. He did it well, he did it easy, he did it thinking on the final consumer or on how to escape faster from the * insert ferocious animal name here * that smelled the air in the search of something to munch on. A perfect design. The Phillippe Starck from the 5th century before Christ, representing Mesopotamia.

And since that moment, functional objects have always been the winning force. Since the before mentioned wheel to Steve Jobs, everybody’s been obsessed with everything organic, intuitive, useful. Till we got to Greece, but the modern Greece. To architect Katerina Kamprani, that has made a real effort to awake on us the most hostile feelings towards design. Those same feelings that flourish when you see one single wrong tile on the street, stuck there forever, without the possibility to change it (some of us suffer a worse type of OCD, yeah). Kamprani has created on her The Uncomfortable collection hairy dishes, inflatable doorknobs, cement umbrellas, peep toe Wellington boots and other sorts of 3D aberrations, just to trigger that subtle shiver on your body. You can live with it but it’s as nice as sleeping with a spider in your room.

We personally choose the cutlery range; we really can’t think of a better way to make everybody very nervous. Well, we do. If we convince Ikea to sell it.






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