It’s Wednesday (still), we got tons of stuff to do, it’s cloudy and we definitely need some beers. We guess all of you are feeling kind of the same, moreover if you’re reading us in some bad weather, grey tone, sadness oriented country. But, once more, here we are to release your melancholy and lift your spirits, bringing you someone that surely understands what I mean (the bad weather thing that is, I don’t really reckon many people understand me in general). We’re talking about Kwabs and his voice, which is capable of make the hairs on our neck (and, overall, in our sexy bodies) stand and stay like that forever. It’s been a long time since we last heard something quite like it; we’ve already pressed the “repeat” button many times and we want to watch him live. He’s young and we are too sure that he’s just started a long and successful career full of great hits as the one below. ¿Wrong or Right? ¿What do you think?

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