It’s our time to celebrate, not only because it’s our Redaction Chief’s birthday, but also because we just turned one year old. A WHOLE YEAR. 12 tough but happy and satisfying months, where we had time to cry and to laugh, a year with 6 issues and 168 posts. We had the pleasure and the honour to interview artists such as Ali Mahdavi (we still share a little happiness tear when we remember that day in his Parisian studio), Blanca Li, Laurent Mercier, Catherine Baba, Andrej Pejic, Chad Valley, Juan Vidal, Monarchy and Leandro Cano, amongst others. We had wonderful articles and exclusive collaborations. We had amazing people and we suffered lack of sleeping. And we do have lots of surprises hidden in the cupboard, ready to be released on our next issue, CELEBRATION (well, I mean, it was obvious), on the 17th of March.
Today is a celebration day and we decided to show you, at last, our new idea, our newborn baby, our AD. We know how this country (Spain) is going through rough times, but, as you can see, we chose to stay and pray, ask to heaven. We can’t see any more options. We also admit that anything related to virgins fascinates us.
Dear readers, we like weird, aesthetic quality, the message, irony, humour, fashion, design, music, the Arts, anything freak, cinnamon buns and town fiestas. We are the type of magazine that publishes your craziest ideas, so, you know, here we are praying for you and for us. Salvation comes with La Monda Magazine!


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