We couldn’t care less about football, you know that. Neither about anything half-sporty that implies moving our beloved buttocks from the sofa. On the contrary, as you also know, we love all the human display that starts to flourish on these football days, we love tongs and trikinis, and if mixed with Rio de Janeiro, we love it even more. That’s why, today, 3rd of June 2014, we present you our first profound and thorough analysis, our first oficial lamondafiesta ranking. Here you are the worst songs surrouding the World Cup, the catchiest lines and the easier to learn, even for the deaf.



Beach, sun, beauty, swimsuits, various dance moves, armpits all over and a lot of sand. Nothing more.

3-SHAKIRA (La La La feat. Carlinhos Brown feat. Activia)

Nope, we’re not talking about Massiel. This Summer Shakira and her friend Carlinhos (Samba da Bahia), surrounded by Activia (that’s a yogurt brand in Spain, dude), come to be the real pain in the ass. All the beach bars in towns will repeat this anthem till our ears bleed and people will keep on going crazy (loca, loca, loca) with our favourite goldilocks, Paulina allowing.
After Bombo, her one and only HIT, our also beloved Norwegian with Spanish roots (her mum is from Jaén, that’s why she says “rom Río to Bailén”, such a know town everywhere) comes to smash all the charts with a song that, for us, will become our ringtone, alarm clock and microwave clock sound till winter comes as in Game of Thrones. Thanks, Adelén, for this amazing song. NOT.
Titties, titties, bobbies and boobies, Vengaboys left us completely stunned. We already have chosen our perfect outfit for Sonar 2014. Literally, no words.

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