Los Carpinteros (The Carpenters)


Cuba… Oh, Cuba is such a good place, full of good cigars, voluptuous women and producer of millions of key chains with the face of Che Guevara on them. These are just some of the images that come to our minds when we think about the island… Well, these and those of the wonderful advertising campaigns of Ron Brugal.

The reason I’m writing this post is that one couldn’t expect that from such a touristic paradise could come out a multidisciplinary art group as promising as Los Carpinteros (The Carpenters). From hyperrealistic drawings of objects used in everyday life and repeated to repletion to installations that could as well figure in the catalogue of contemporary art museums, passing through rethinking of the basic concepts of furniture design, nothing escapes the investigating eye of this Cuban group that is actually rocking the world. From here at La Monda you are warned: don’t turn your eyes away from this Cuban group; who knows, maybe one day they could rethink the whole concept of Che Guevara souvenirs and take our souls with it.

Los Carpinteros
Sergi Casero

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