A pleasant seizure is what we experimented when we went in Luca Mainini’s website. You good hearted people must think we’re cruel. Epilepsy is not pleasant. WE KNOW, RIGHT? But this is different, it’s some sort of creative epilepsy (note: add new expression to our La Monda dictionary). Luca’s gifs are pure colour explosion, movement and irony that attract us like a moth to the flame. Here we are, drooling in front of the computer while we admire his moving collage work full of sexy women, jewels and fries. Come on, don’t you think it’s pure glory?
luca_mainini_collage_gif_lamondamagazine_7 luca_mainini_collage_gif_lamondamagazine_5 luca_mainini_collage_gif_lamondamagazine_4 luca_mainini_collage_gif_lamondamagazine_3 luca_mainini_collage_gif_lamondamagazine_2 luca_mainini_collage_gif_lamondamagazine_1

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