Lucile Godin, that “something”


There’s people that have that “something” that, even if you try hard to describe it, always means that “something” without a definition that, God knows why, draws your attention and attracts you. It doesn’t matter if it’s the waiter at McDonalds (ugly as ugly can get), that stinky shirt you found in a second hand flea market or your always sweaty boss. That “something” turns the worst beast into a kinda nice guy, even sexy.

That “something” is also there in Lucile Godin’s pictures, images that attract us not only because they show butts and leather (we’re not THAT basic), but also because of the original talent that hides behind the camera. They are slightly erotic images with models getting to some sort of Bernini’s Ecstasy stage, using mirrors and methacrylate scattered on sand; Godin definitely has got that special “something”.




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