Amarna Miller, porn actress, is to stereotypes what the Big Bang was to cosmic void. Sex and Zarathustra walk hand in hand.

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Let’s begin with a question that, even though it might sound like a typical one, hearing your point of view can be very useful. What is sex for Amarna Miller?

Sex is a link, a way to connect with the other person, both in an emotional and physical level. Either when I’m having sex in my private life or when I’m doing it in front of the camera, what’s important to me is to find passion, chemistry, what unites you to your partner.

A porn star, is it born with it or can you make it?

 I think there are certain treats that must be inside each person; you need to have a high libido and you need to like to have sex everyday. However, apart from that, I don’t think we’re born in a certain way. We build ourselves. To me, porn is a choice. I wasn’t born to be a pornstar, I’ve chosen it.

Which are the worst clichés you need to deal with being a porn actress?

 There are loads. The worst stereotype I have to deal with everyday is the one of the “always into it” woman; basically, users think that the person they’re watching on the screen is the real person, that the character I’m playing who’s eager to have sex with anyone is the same person that is here talking to you. Obviously, this is wrong. Apart from being porn actresses we have a normal life; I go shopping and take of my cats, I’m not looking for sex 99% of my time, but, based on that idea, lots of guys think it’s ok to harass you. Lots of comments I get are highly aggressive because they think that’s what I’m after, but porn is what we do, not what we are. We do not take porn to our private life. Also, I have to listen to all those clichés about relationships, like the myth that states that I’m never going to be able to find a couple or how to find a job outside the industry… Then, you need to add up the fact that many people think that if you’re doing something related to your body, you have no brains. If you’re cute, you’re not intelligent. If you’re intelligent, you can’t be pretty.

Pornography is an industry that makes millions; there can be many that have never watched French cinema, but probably there’s nobody in the modern world that hasn’t seen at least some minutes of porn. Understanding this, your influence can be huge in forming stereotypes and staging something as common as sex, right? Are you aware of this in the industry?

 Taking porn as a sexual educator is another stereotype. The problem is that boys and teenagers don’t get any sort of sexual education in our society; then they get to certain age and they need to solve certain questions they obviously have, they can’t find any authority figure that can give them a healthy answer and they look for references, which normally come from pornography. In porn we’re not staging a realistic sexual intercourse, because it’s a fantasy; I repeat, it’s not trying to emulate reality. Here’s where the problem is, ‘cause boys and teenagers take porn as a reference and try to practice what they see in their private life, which goes wrong. Porn is the problem? No, it’s the lack of education. For example, if I take a little kid to watch Batman, I will explain to him he can’t do what Batman does; he can’t wear a cape and kick people or become Spiderman and fly. Same thing with porn. There’s a big lack of references and education.

Maybe one of the most controversial aspects of porn is women’s play and our objectualization (a reflex, maybe, of our society, TV and advertising). Up to what point do you think this character sets in the mind of heterosexual male porn consumers?

It is true that, in the most classic porn, the female character is seen as an object that’s there to satisfy whatever men want. I have to say though that this tendency is changing; there’s many production companies that place women as the ones in charge of the situation and there’s much more freedom. This said, it’s a fact that men asume a lot of actions they see in porn and they take them to their real life. The problem, once again, it’s about education, not porn. Porn is a reflection of an image, but individuals can’t reckon that’s not real life. I’m not justifying porn with this; I do think there’s a lack of variety when staging explicit sex and different views of X films, but I just don’t want to blame porn for something we are guilty of.

In our society, it seems that being a woman is linked to be constantly body-conscious (same for men, but maybe in a more profound way). Has your own exposition, I mean, acting naked, never caused you any type of internal conflict?

Well, as I mentioned before, harassment is usual and I’m worried about how people can justify it just because I’m a porn actress. I find lots of comments in the social media and blogs that attack me and believe that as I’m naked I’d fuck anyone; I post a picture on Instagram and I got like 30 comments in the lines of “I’d give you cock till you choke”. When I complain about these comments, I get a “what did you expect” answer. That’s the same thing as justifying rape because the girl was wearing a mini skirt. The other problem I face is criticism; the more famous you get, the more trolls you get. I don’t mind when it’s nonsense chat, but when people works on a complete psychological profile of myself without even knowing me, that’s hurting. It even made me think twice about being in porn. It’s tough, but as years go by I’ve learned to let it go and value things as they are. There’s a writing by Nietzsche that’s called The Flies in the Market Place, where he talks about how to take criticism, the flies, without turning into their slave. In a sentence he says “it’s not my destiny to be a fly-swat”. I’m here to do my job, not to bother with flies.

How much space is there for creativity in pornography?

 All that we want. When I had my production company we did what we wanted; you can be as creative as you want. The problem is that porn has adopted a little market niche that works and it’s burning it. Lately there’s small production companies that are stepping out of the established limits of porn when creating, in terms of lightning, the amount of positions…

In what aspects would you like to see those changes and innovations?

 I’d go for style changes, especially. As a Fine Arts student, I love artistic creation; a careful photography, interesting scripts that step out of stereotypes. In my case, I’m always the foreign student that arrives to the host’s and fucks the owner of the house, and we do five positions, and each position lasts for 10 minutes. The positions are always the cowgirl, missionary, doggy and spooning. It’s always the same, all the time, repeated. I also miss nicer costumes, something different.

What would you like to give to the genre as a writer and director?

Originality and, above all, a more aesthetic vision. It’s been a couple of years since I don’t direct, ‘cause I haven’t got the time, but in the future, when I’m back behind of the camera, I want to lay out a more artistic view that mixes cinematography and pornography. I’d like to take concepts and blend them.

 Some say that due to the Internet revolution and all that’s come afterwards, everything has got an expiry date. Porn, as we know it, will also end?

Porn will evolve. If virtual reality glasses work, the future can be there. There’s a Spanish production company that’s called Virtual Real Porn and they film for this type of glasses. It’s an absolute blast.

What has porn given you that any other job could not have?

The freedom to do whatever I want and when I want. The freedom to film, travel, earn money and organise my own day. I love to be me who schedules my day; I still work 8 hours but I handle them. In a sexual level, I’ve been able to fulfil fantasies that in a more common life are complicated, like orgies. Things I would’ve liked to do before but I didn’t have the means.

What do we have to make better in sex health education in our country?

I don’t even think we can talk about sex education in our country, because I think it’s non existing. Yes, they do teach the biological aspect in schools, but nothing about sex. They should start saying that sex is nothing bad, that it’s not a taboo. And starting from that point, all that follows. Really, sex health education, specially for women, is zero. When I came for the first time, I had no idea what was going on.

What do we need to learn more about, sex or love?

Both. I see a lot of empty spaces in the emotional level; we still keep on being taught about the ideal romantic love as the only possible way, Disney and Hollywood films tell you you need to find your other half assuming you’re not complete. That’s a concept I hate; they are actually telling you you’re not a whole being by yourself, and that’s horrible. You have to love yourself before loving anyone else.

We ask this question to everyone interviewed at La Monda. We give you the beginning of the sentence and you have to complete it. So, here it goes… Artistic expression as a way of defending…

the value of creation. Artistic expression lets our your inner self out, your hidden self, sides that don’t usually come up.