Do you remember what was the first thing you ever drew? Did you dedicate yourselves to stylized human puppets?

When we were children, we absolutely loved drawing. We reproduced dozens and dozens of comics and films, creating our own versions of them, sometimes we even invented our own stories.

Where does your creative streak come from?

No one in the family is particularly familiar with arts; our parents are chemists. Nevertheless, their role was key, because they’ve always blessed us with the freedom to develop our artistic skills.

What do you think when someone at university points at you as an example of good drawing?

We feel tremendously proud. We’ve always tried to be honest and professional in our work, and in our meetings with the students we try to explain our experience as sincerely as possible. If our career experiences can be an inspiration, or help someone in some way, that is most welcome.

You’ve won too many prizes to remember, you’ve worked with every type of brands… Yet you are still so young. Does it blow your minds or do you try not to think too much about it?

Prizes aren’t really so important. It’s true they can speed up the process of getting known and earning a position, but we are also convinced that with hard work and dedication you’d get the same results. When you’re harvesting your little successes, or when you’re fulfilling some objectives, it’s dangerous to relax too much and get stuck. We always try to look forward.

What was the prize that pleased you the most?

The two Cannes Lions (gold and silver) that “The power of dreams” campaign we did for Honda deserved back in 2007. It was one of our first important projects, and thanks to it we could dedicate ourselves full time to illustration. We were so newbies that when the press agency Villarosás called to inform us about the prize, we asked them if it was really important.

What was the job that gave you the biggest satisfaction?

Any of our personal projects: Brosmind Army, Brosmind Friends, Brosmind Wagon, Brosmind RV, SHE comic, Olfato Mike’s CD, What’s inside?… We realized them in our free time, so when we get to complete one of these we feel incredibly proud.

Juan, if we put you now in some Chemistry exam, would you remember anything?

Haha… The truth is I’ve always focused more on understanding things rather than memorizing them, so even though right now I don’t remember the most part of it, I could get myself back in there quickly. By the way, we hope that Brosmind keeps working for us, so we don’t have to resort to Plan B Chemistry.

Do you stop talking about work at least during family meals and other social occasions?

Of course we do. We spend approximately ten hours a day in our studio, so when we get home we try to disconnect, for our well-being and the sanity of the people we love.

What are your humoristic influences?

Being the two of us, it’s always difficult to give concrete examples. Let’s say we are attracted by Ibáñez’s humor, but also Jan, Akira Toriyama, Sergio Aragonés. Pee Wee Herman, John Candy, Garbage Pail Kids, Monty Python are very big references for us. There is not necessarily a connection, though, between our tastes and the humor we use in our works. Possibly it’s only some specific brush strokes in the bigger painting of our personalities.

A question that is preventing us from getting our quiet night of sleep. Chiquito de la Calzada: yes or no?

Yes. In spite of it all, he’s one of the most influential people in our country in the XX Century.

The future. What does it have in store for you?

We have to try and make the best possible future through our work, there’s no other option. Future doesn’t give out his goods for free.

If someone shows up and tells you “I want to be an illustrator”, what’s your reaction?

Excellent. Like in every other profession you have to work hard and be honest.

How do you see the future of design in Spain?

Once again, we reject the idea of sitting down and waiting for things to happen. It’s much more important that you wake up and smell the coffee, and start creating a pleasant future for you. Naturally, Spain can’t be the limit to your ambitions; nowadays you have to use all the communication facilities at your reach to place yourself in the global work market.

The sentence. We always ask our guests to complete a sentence for our readers. So… “Artistic expression as a way of defending…”

“… Immortality”.


Interview: Ane Guerra

Web: Brosmind