They really do exist. After being collected from the complex world of social networks, we now offer this selection of photoshopped images to you, with all our love and respect, because, in order to do this, you really need creativity. Hail to the vodka, hail to nude breasts, hail to Russia!


Spring Medusa

Good morning, I was interested in a branch of roses…
Aha, ok… Any special occasion?
Yeah, I want to turn you all into stone!



Mom, sit down, I have to tell you something…

It all began as I was buying a leopard pajama in Primark… And almost without realizing it, I find myself in Africa, with a boyfriend, and he has a son…



Acceptation: fail

Look how cute I am in this pic.
Mmmmhhh. Well, no offense, but… this isn’t you. Well, the head, yeah, but the rest…
No, that’s me, for real.
So show me that chest.
I can’t right now. Without the loincloth, all grace is lost.
Yeah… Right. Oh, you don’t have jaws, either.



WOW feat. McDonald’s

Daddy with penetrating look, I like it rough. I like walking in the woods, imitation jewelry, foggy dusks and swearing by Odin’s name. If my avatar is this cool, just imagine how I might be in real life.



I’m a very different person

Mom, I can understand the sex bomb pic, but what about the bird?
I want my Pirate of the Caribbean.
But this is not a parrot. This is a Carnival pterodactyl.
You surely know better, having gone to Africa with your cheetah boyfriend.



As glad as a mermaid under the sea

Madame, I’m sorry, but as much as you long for it, you cannot jump in the sardine tank, not to mention with those floating earrings. No, even though you are wearing underwear and a real sardine tail, you cannot.



Burst of happiness

I’m very happy. I’m getting married with my tiny-sized, water-winged bride, in the middle of a torment (which is actually kind of strange, since the weather was quite good during the day), while a speedboat went a little too far back there. My happy face really says it all.



The clones attack

Commander, I’m alone at the moment. It was a very long and tough journey. I think my strength is vanishing: I’m surrounded. They’re everywhere. They landed peacefully, dressed with our traditional wedding clothes. They were so convincing showing us love, and now, they’ve conquered us. Earth is now their property. My last resource is an exploding bottle of champagne. Please tell my family I love them. Clones, prepare to die!



Cabbage Patch Kids

Do you remember the typical American films where they place someone on a bucket of water and they start throwing cakes at him until he falls inside?
…Uhm, yeah.
Well, that’s it. These mutant babies from Anne Geddes horrible pics want to say something to you.