Mr. Cattelan said once that interviews can give you a shape. We’d like to know what sort of formation you’d like to get from this interview.

We guess he would opt for an invisible shape! Whatever it cannot be shaped is certainly the hardest form and yet the funniest one to design!

TOILETPAPER is, above everything, unique. And, at the same time, is a mash up of everything surrounding. Is that how modern day icons are created?

It’s probably the golden rule for every icon that has ever been created – not just in the modern days. Becoming an icon is all about surviving time: TP is very far from that at this moment. For the History books, we’re just new-borns.

Why, in these precarious times for economy in general and the editorial world in particular, and having a successful career in the arts and in photography already, did Cattelan and Ferrari decide to create a magazine? Why did go for that format apparently extinguishing?

Because there’s no success like failure, as our doorman says! Actually, we really believe that paper will survive, or toilet paper, at least!

La Monda Magazine’s confession for TOILETPAPER: We really love you, you know?

TOILETPAPER feels like the outcome of both of Mr. Cattelan’s and Mr. Ferrari’s careers, as if it were the child that would’ve been born from them two.

During TP shootings, ideas spring up in a very chaotic way. It’s difficult to determine who originally got the idea in the first place… Every image is often the son of multiple incests and several fathers.

Seems that you are great fans of reusing, rebuilding, redoing and giving a new sense to preexisting things. Though maybe Permanent Food was the main example of this, TOILETPAPER seems to have inherited the same personality.

TOILETPAPER is the representation of the digestive process following an overdose of images. Like its blood relative Permanent Food, TOILETPAPER is a wordless discourse, but with a new process that embodies a real digestive system and leads to the throw-up of images in reaction to different visual stimuli. We could say that TOILETPAPER is the natural evolution of the process initiated in Permanent Food.

When thinking about the next issue, the production and the topic, how many ideas get discarded and how many go ahead? How many times can an image change?

Both thought–out and improvisation are ingredients of a TP picture, in different proportions from time to time. TP production is an articulated process: we start collecting ideas for the new issue, then we make a wish list of models, set design objects, costumes, animals etc. (Un)fortunately, this list is never completely checked when we start the shooting phase: there’s always something missing or that we haven’t calculated before. This series of accidents always imply a lucky stroke we haven’t thought of at the beginning: that’s when randomness becomes part of the process and an image can change countless times.

It truly seems that there is nothing impossible for you, but is there any topic it’s forbidden or not allowed to make fun of?

Actually, we don’t feel we are making fun of anything. Humour includes tragedy in itself, as if they were two faces of the same coin: there’s no fun in this, and there’s no topic that’s untouchable by a bitter laugh.

Comedy and satire would be the first idea popping out in our minds when looking at your creation. There’s always a weird feeling behind though, the images always make one feel rather… uncomfortable.

From our point of view, laughter is the Trojan horse to enter into direct contact with the unconscious, strike the imagination and trigger visceral reactions, as you say. If humour in certain works was enough to pull anger, fear and amazement out of everyone, psychoanalysts would be in disgrace … Shame is not enough!

La Monda Magazine’s confession for TOILETPAPER: (We could totally marry you, guys. Or your magazine, we mean)

(Let’s do it! Are you ready to grow old together? Be advised: we may become a cantankerous old magazine)

Speaking about humour… we have a saying in Spain which is “Hope is the last thing you can lose”. For TOILETPAPER, seems that sense of humour would be the last thing you should lose. We discovered your magazine after we created La Monda and you’ve become our one and only reference. Do you feel any pressure in general from that expectation you create?

The ironic surface is just a sort of cozy wrapping that makes the audience feel safe in approaching the magazine, but once it’s unwrapped you’ll find it is the kind of gift you’ve never wished to receive. We don’t feel any pressure, but we’re aware that the day we’ll make an expected or desirable gift, it will be time to change.

La Monda Magazine’s confession for TOILETPAPER: (We don’t have any diamonds available right now but we do make a very nice tortilla)

(Yummy! Tortillas are TPmagazine’s crew’s best friends!)

Tiziano and Picasso, T and P. Who else is there that you look up to?

We’re in conversation with so many things at the same time that probably sometimes even the Tiziano and Picasso has been part of it…It’s like a seance, you can never say with whom you’ll end up to be in conversation with!

What would you like to achieve, in the very end, with TOILETPAPER?

We are not sure if we are trying to achieve anything at all. What do you require from a meal is definitely different from what you look for in a dessert: we are an unnecessary lust, and we expect to be flushed away at any moment…

You’ve made some collaborations up to date with firms like Kenzo and MSMG for example (with an outstanding outcome, I should say). Jumping from field to field is the new black?

It has been demonstrated that solutions to difficult problems may come by people not directly involved in the field. The Arts world has always been renovated by the relationship with fashion or advertising, and vice versa. Definitely, “overlapping” should be the new black.

La Monda Magazine’s confession for TOILETPAPER: (We dream with TOILETPAPER every night with a smile on our faces)

(We can’t help thinking that would be a dreadful nightmare)

We ask this question to everyone interviewed at La Monda. We give you the beginning of the sentence and you have to complete it. So, here it goes…

“Artistic expression as a way of defending…” …our tortillas!

La Monda Magazine’s confession for TOILETPAPER: (La Monda Magazine * heart * TOILETPAPER Magazine)

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