Patricio, your CV tells us you’re mostly an audiovisual producer. But you made videos, photography; you collaborated in the world of music and theater. I’m also sure you cook delightfully and you wake up in a good mood. Is multitasking your thing?

(He laughs) That might be true. I think that when someone chooses a profession like this he has to be able to manage a big apparatus with different claims and pay attention to the various challenges that are rising, especially in the world of production. I like to experiment a few changes, leaving some activities to take new ones.

Which is the hardest part in Fashion photography? And in advertising?

In fashion photography, the hardest part is to deal with budget. They are really on the low side generally, and people often think that anybody can do production.

Which was your most complex work until now?

The truth is none of my works has really been very complex. But I enjoyed some works more than others. When I directed Fangoria’s video I didn’t enjoy it so much though, because as much as I could study and get prepared, direction really stresses me.

You’ve worked a lot with Alaska. Is there any special relationship between you two?

We have a good friendship; I admire her enormously. We share social background, codes, and we have common tastes. I really enjoy it when I listen to her talking; she is quite a magical person and you can learn a lot from her. I’m so lucky to be close to her.

Were you addicted to the reality show Alaska and Mario, too?

Yes, I watched it and I loved it! Most of all, I liked the fact that the people could see them how they really are in their day by day. I can testify they are really like that!

Here at La Monda we are big fans of your video “Absolutamente” for Fangoria. Was it difficult to control Saritísima?

Sara was a great professional. That day she showed us how great she is. At 5 o’clock in the morning, when we were already exhausted, she kept going at it with full energy and wanted to shoot more scenes. Such nice memories.

It seems like it’s only an actual trend, but do you think kitsch is fashionable?

I think kitsch will always be fashionable. There will always be people hating it and people claiming it. Kitsch is already a classic.

Spain is a country in quite a questionable state right now. Which is the most interesting thing, creatively speaking, you could see lately?

The generation between 20 and 30 years old is the most interesting one Spain has had since the Movida. In a few years we will talk about some of them as true stars!

We want to thank you for the project Atelier des Jeunes. Can art be democratic and accessible to everyone?

Of course it can. One of the ideas of Atelier des Jeunes is that with just a single click you can get an authentic piece of art at home in just a few days. Nowadays the majority of people have a connection to the internet. On the contrary, going to a specific place to see an exhibition can be more difficult. I also think that Atelier can stay on the market with some competitive prices, and to prove wrong those who think you can buy quality only at a high price. All our works are for sale at the same price: 150 euros.

What made you decide to get into such trouble?

I’m a bit careless, I guess (he laughs).

We were present at the opening of Fresh Gallery last 26 of November. What are your next stops? Which are you most looking forward to?

Next stop is Bilbao, in the space/shop CHARADA, with an exhibition form the 19 December to the 19 January. We are closing spaces in other places; the idea is that the website should be as dynamic as the generation who participates in the project, and that we are not just a digital presence, but we also move through different places and towns so that people can get to know the works beyond the screen and the artists behind them. We also understand that there are some consumers who are not used to buying art online, so a good way to reach them is to move through the country so they can get a direct contact with the works and appreciate them.

What would be your ideal result for Atelier des Jeunes? What would you like to happen?

I think we are actually getting the purpose we aimed to; we wanted to give visibility to young artists and we are doing so. Also, we wanted to claim that art is not just a millionaire business and anybody can have access to it. Everything that is going on has already surpassed my expectations. Nonetheless, I still have so much to do… My head can’t stop thinking.

What are your future projects?

My future project is to keep developing Atelier and show it to the world. We also have an editorial project we will reveal soon.

We ask this question at the end of every interview here at La Monda. We give you the first part of a sentence and then it’s up to you to complete it. So, “Artistic expression as a way of defending…”



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