Krizia, hooray for tracksuit and high heels?

Hooray for tracksuit with or without high heels.

What does “sport deluxe” mean for you?

It refers to clothing with that sporty touch mixed with deluxe style that you can wear when you’re going to the countryside or partying in the city.

Thumbs up for the chavs style? Why?

We like the extremes and the chav world, the outskirts and the hood, yes.
What is the chav-est thing you’ve hear saying to yourself? And you’ve heard saying?

“Ola ke ase” (“wassap”), everybody says that and it irritates me.

How healthy is the street culture movement?

Well fit.

Which are the features of the street style? What can’t you go without?

Everything comfortable, practical, a hoodie and trainers.

When everything goes wrong, go for oversize accessories and bling?

They make us feel we’re richer and more powerful.

When you’re walking through Barcelona, what do you think more; “oh good Lord, why on earth are you wearing that” or “well done, big cheer for that style”?

Everything can be found.

Banksy yes or no?


Boy racers yes or no?

Yeah, innit.

Who would you like to dress?

I’d like to make a mermaid parade and see everyone dressed up in mermaids and newts in our SS2013 Splash collection.

Who would you like to undress?

We’re all better dressed.

Which is the worst outfit that you’ve wore to go to the shop?

Stay sharp, always.

What do you think about the tracksuit that Spain chose to use at the last Olympic Games?

Ole, ole and ole!

Your two last collections have been release in alternative ways. Any thoughts?

It was fun, different, tough, difficul and hard work, just how I like it.

What are you working on right now?

The new Paraíso brand with illustrator David Méndez, new monthly KR Store Backyard events, the new SS2014 collection and keep on being in the spotlight, which is not easy.

You’re on of the most valued and most respected young designers in Spain. Is it scary?

If I think about it too much, yes.

What inspires you?

Anything, a film, a song, a trip somewhere… daily things that I can bring to KR world.

Tactel will always be trendy?

Tactel and druggies tracksuits will always be in our hearts, specially for those ones born in the 80s.

We’re asking this to everyone we interrogate in La Monda. Complete the sentence: artistic expression as a way of defending… your aspirations.


Interview: Ane Guerra

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Photo 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5: Andoni Beristain

Photo 6,7 & 8: Dizy Diaz