Congratulations on your coming baby. How much time is there left? How are you feeling?I’m due for the 26th of March, it’s just now! My back is killing me and I feel as if my belly was going to explode, but I’m fine.

In La Monda Magazine we were wondering if it would be possible to have María Pascual, your real name, instead of María Lapiedra today, or at least have you both.
But of course!

How does it feel having such a character always on?
I don’t have it always on, only when I want to. Work and fun, in my case, are linked.

How do you define yourself?
Like María Pasqual, I’m just another girl. I got a degree on Catalunyan Philology, I’m nearly married and nearly a mother. I like going to the cinema and eating popcorn.

Indeed, you got a degree in Philology and with honours. We have studies Journalism, Design and this alike, so we have kind of an idea that your degree required more studying that ours. Taking that into account… how do you feel when people think that you’re dumb?
As time goes by, there’s more people that understand that I’m the one who’s laughing at their face, not viceversa. As an old Chinese saying goes, looking dumb in front of dumb’s eyes it’s a clever thing. Torrente (Spanish cinema anti-hero prone to stupidity) looked dumb and see how well he did. I say the same about me. Plus, a dumb person couldn’t have lived so many years from this industry, don’t you think?

Who laughs last, laughs best?

Laughs with sincerity. The others laughed before because of jealousy.

Is María Lapiedra very different from María Pascual?
Yes. I wouldn’t be able to be like María Lapiedra. I would die trying.

In the end, you’ve created a brand with a fake name. Do you just go with the flow or is this all a well thought marketing plan?
Obviously, it’s a marketing plan. It’s a working strategy like any other company has.

What do your parents think about all this?
I don’t really speak to my mum since a long time ago, but not because of this. My dad it proud of having a daughter that is not affected by the crisis and that is so independent; he knows that getting to be famous is difficult and that staying there is even harder.

And what would you think if your daughter decided to follow your steps?
I would tell her to be happy, because is the only thing that matters in the end.

You have quite of a big name in the world of sex and erotism. How did you see sex when you where 20 and how do you see it now?
Sex was cool before, now I’m a bit bored. I don’t do silly things anymore, I got enough with my boy.

What do you think about those who say that you make business with your body?
Those backwards thinking people? I can’t be bothered to spend time thinking about them. I know that deep inside they would like to be more “normal”.

You speak in a very natural voice about anything related to sex, even on TV where the whole country is watching you. Have you ever been embarrassed?
Never, being embarrassed is an obstacle that your mind puts you to avoid you from getting to where you want. Bollocks.

Have you ever wished to slap some gossip show collaborator in the face? Not asking for names, just to see if you agree with us.
Yes, to María Patiño (Spanish gossip journalism specialist with a loud unbereable voice and very rude manners). I hate her.

Do you think that what that people do is Journalism or do you take on the idea that you’re all involved in a media circus montage?
I go to the TV shows knowing that it’s all a circus and I’m the guest star. I become María Lapiedra for a while.

And from showbiz you got into politics. Where is the worst kind of people, on TV or there?
I’m politics there’s more pornography than in pornography itself.

María, who on earth writes your songs?

Salva Dávil, he’s a master!

With all the positive connotations in the world, because we love it and we’re the same, you’re on your way of becoming a freak icon.
Thank you very much! That’s what I’m trying to do. The most intelligent form of humour is knowing how to laugh at yourself.

What’s the freakiest thing you’ve done?
Have sex in the Alcalá Gate in Madrid.

With all this crazy world set up around María Lapiedra… which is your final goal?
Be happy and have fun. And get a living out of it, of course.

In La Monda we believe that art is another for of expression and we’ve asked all our interviewed people the same question. Taking what you do as a form of art… complete the sentence. Artistic expression as a way of defending…
What you are. Every form of art is divine. People need to have a more opened mind, there’s another world out of their mediocre realities.


Interview: Ane Guerra

Web: Maria Lapiedra

Photos: Andoni Beristain

Assistant: Jose Carayol

Make up: Lorena Martínez