Those brand’s collections that will help us walk the street like a boss next Autumn/Winter have arrived, fresh from London. You know what we’re into, we know what you’re into and we don’t want to disappoint you; here you are the most powerful four new statements that will be a blast in those luxury shops you go to every sales time, straight from London Collections: Men.
Moschino is always up for discretion to its highest extend. Hum. Yeah. Even though he might be waist deep in snow, Jeremy Scott must always feel too hot and that’s why he must want to dress us up in hairy fabrics and slips. Moschino for everybody, Moschino for the Sasquatch and for a little trip to Aspen next Winter.
moschino fall winter 2015 london fashion week men
Next comes the punk-schoolboy-pink-latex-broken mix by Sibling. If you think you’re a good kid, this is what you’re looking for. Dye your hair in pink and put tonnes of glitter on. It seems that it works, because this seasons is full of children inspiration. Agi & Sam like to play with Lego and they love everything colourful. They present their new collection with paint brushstrokes, fun and with an incredible eye for the detail.
sibling fall winter 2015 london fashion week men
agi&sam fall winter 2015 london fashion week men

From childhood to teenage years we go with a mourning-skinhead look to go to church, warm yourself up in the queue of your favourite club or pretend to be dark in any not very reccomendable afterparty. KTZ goes all serious (like always) with this Mongol looks.

KTZ fall winter 2015 london fashion week men