Colour, shape and concept; a brief talk with artist Nano4814 at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Club.


“Art is a constant search process”. Where and when started that search for you?
I guess I was very little; I was always attracted to the visual and creative side of things.
And where are you now?
I’m still searching…
What has been the most gratifying thing you’ve found in this path since you began in the world of the Arts?

People that have crossed my path and the vital experiences that I have been able to enjoy.


What’s the New Contemporary Art for you?
No idea :)
Is there space for street art still?

Up to this day I don’t really know what people mean when they talk about “street art”. To me it’s a very broad term, a tag that does not represent me.


What’s your creative process like?



What’s the most important thing in your work (colour, shape, idea…)?

It depends on the piece, but I’d love it to be colour, shape and concept all in the same level.

Even though this question is tricky in the world of the Arts… what’s your future plans?
For now, I’m just trying to move my studio and it’s taking me very long, but I hope that by the end of April it’ll be all done. Further ahead, I’m opening an exhibition on the 8th of June at the Combustión Espontánea gallery in Madrid.