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Ojete Calor is “like voting the right wing party on a Sunday at 10am dressed in high heels and a Che Guevara t-shirt, then going to mass at 12pm and that very night going to watch Napalm Death live”. Carlos Ojete (Carlos Areces) and Aníbal Calor (Aníbal Gómez) are one of the most avant-garde bands in the national spectrum due to their lyrics, melodies, concept (the “subnopop” genre) and stage presence. And also due to their conscious, accepted, embraced and pure mental retardation.

Do you believe that human beings are ready to fully understand what the subnopop revolution will involve?

No, not yet, just as it happened with Isaac Newton, Richard Feynman or Alan Turing’s theories and discoveries. When human beings will be ready to understand and embrace subnopop, we will be doing grunge Mexican folk.

‏With you guys, subnopop has come out of the closet?

It does seems that way, yeah. We thought that U2, Pablo Alborán or Melendi had done it before us, but it looks like we’re wrong, ‘cause they prefer euphemisms such as “rock”, “pop” or “rumba” to refer to what they do.

‏Subnofussion is like making a chorizo and chocolate sandwich and the mix to be actually tasty?

Something like that. It’s like voting the right wing party on a Sunday at 10am dressed in high heels and a Che Guevara t-shirt, then going to mass at 12pm and that very night going to watch Napalm Death live.

‏“Delayed!”, your album, came out in 2013. What’s the biggest cultural change you’ve witnessed since it came out?

There’s a turning point in the Western world, and the major event happened when Mr. Proper changed his name to Mr. Clean. While it is true that this happened before Ojete Calor released “Delayed!”, we can’t discard we were probably responsible of such major event. The reasons could be found in premonitory dreams.

‏What’s the message behind Ojete Calor?

A message of hope, but also of nihilism. We want to send a warning with our songs: the good moments are brief and, sooner or later, we’re all gonna die. We want people to constantly keep in mind the idea of death and to take positive thoughts out of everything.

What happens if we play “Delayed!” backwards?

Well, you won’t be able to listen to the album and you’ll feel cheated. If you place the picture part down, the player won’t be able to, well, play it properly. See, the laser can’t go through the written part of the CD and get to the codified musical information.

You said the CD booklet smells so strong because you’ve rubbed it against your groins and your willy. Is this like the modern edition of a scented letter? What will you do to emulate the lipstick kiss by your signature?

We don’t mind kissing the booklet because we don’t feel repulsion towards our willies. In fact, we’ve kissed every CD, one by one. French kiss.

Has Haneke called you to congratulate your amazing lyrics “your features are the ones of an old woman and they make me want to have love… the Haneke type”?

Yes, he called us, but he didn’t say anything about that line. He wanted to know what we thought about The Hunger Games and we all agreed the least boring one is the second one. Then he asked about our families and he wished us a happy new year.

‏ Carlos Ojete and Anibal Calor. What would you’ve been if you weren’t into music?

We would work in a dental clinic or like fortune tellers. We also like decoupage applied to Ikea furniture, pet hairdressing and restoring +60 ladies’s faces after surgery.

There’s twelve million Americans that think that Obama is an alien reptile. What do you think? Are you also reptiles? Or just aliens?

We prefer to feel “citizens of the world”. Why tag ourselves? Some of us are reptiles, some are aliens and others catalans, but what’s important is to focus on things that unite us and that makes us all one. Like, for example, gypsies. We all think they steal and they do business with drugs. Let’s forget our differences and unite to discriminate them. Oppressing minorities makes us better people.

‏What’s Ojete Calor’s future plans?

We’re gonna continue making songs, though we won’t perform live again because we’ve traveled to the future and nobody plays live there. Singing in front of people is something primitive and vulgar. At gigs, people stand up (three hours, if you’re watching The Cure) squeezed, uncomfortable, and, if you’re unlucky enough, you got a girl with a ponytail in front that rubs your face with it like a brush and when the gig is finished you got not facial features. When this happens we say “you got based”.

‏There’s times when your secretary has answered to your interviews. Are you there? Who have we been talking to?

With Ojete Calor. Our secretary is very busy, she’s even asked us to do some personal stuff for her because she doesn’t have the time.

‏We ask this same question to everyone interviewed in La Monda. We give you the first part of a sentence and you have to complete the rest. So it goes…

‏ “Artistic expression as a way of defending”… that what you do is pure bullshit. It     helps you come out of trouble.

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