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So French, so universal. YELLE are back. The 30th of September is the date they’ve chosen to release “Complètement Fou”, produced by Dr.Luke (Britney Spears or Rihanna, amongst others), album they’re already presenting in a world tour. We will welcome them on the 12th of December in Barcelona; until then, there’s enough time to get on their enthusiasm wagon.

yelle music electronic band video pop

If your second album, Safari Disco Club, was said to be more reflective than Pop-Up, your debut, what’s different with the new release “Complètement Fou”?

We have a balance here, something that goes far in the fun and far in the reflection. Maybe a synthesis of the two previous albums!

They say the second album is usually the most complicated one. What was the pressure like when thinking about the third one?

No pressure at all! It was pure fun, we tried things here and there, at home and in Los Angeles, meeting many people, starting things from scratch, waiting a bit, reworking, polishing, dancing, ’till we felt it was done!

Did you instantly know what line you wanted to follow?

Actually, we had a chosen one at the beginning but we realized we needed to feel 100% free. There might a line at the end, but it’s created by itself!

What was it like working with Dr.Luke?

Great; Luke and his team are amazing people. Pure music lovers, and sooo talented it’s impressive. We love them and it’s the beginning of a real love story I believe, we found a great family!

In Complètement Fou you talk about “relationships, love, bodies, dance and sensuality, but also death” and ecstasy is also mentioned. Seems that the search for big feelings was triggering the lyrics?

We actually write the way we think, the way we live. We could write about food too but this way it’s really more touchy!

“Complètement Fou”, or “totally crazy”. You also got a song about the Stendhal Syndrome.

The song “Florence en Italie”is about this incredible city, the Renaissance, and the Stendhal Syndrome indeed. We are fascinated by this city we discovered last year and the story behind the syndrome is not less fascinating. Too much beauty makes you sick!

And what would make you have a Stendhal stroke?

Maybe seafood!

Fashion and Art Direction seems to take a big part of what YELLE is in terms of imagery. Music has to transcend nowadays to other fields?

Well, it helps, for sure, but it comes to us very naturally. We love music but not only. We love photography, design, clothes, food (again! We do a collaboration with a pop corn brand!)… It’s life! There is no reason to only think about music, to limit our interest.

Do you take part in the design of your music videos?

Yes. And GrandMarnier has co-written the last four ones, we take part in everything, it’s our life!

The language barrier seems to be a major topic they ask you about, but then again, English native people don’t seems to understand that half of the world is not an English speaker either, so they might not be easy to understand. Has it been beneficial to you, or more of a fence to jump?

It’s beneficial identity wise, people recognize us quite quickly, and a barrier at the same time regarding radios I would say. “Mainstream”radios, to be precise. They usually don’t take that kind of “risk”!

YELLE stands for “You Enjoy Life”, made feminine. What do you need to enjoy your lives?

We’re all gonna die! Thinking about this is a good way to relativize when you feel a bit down. We’re all gonna die so let’s enjoy life!

What can we expect from your gig in Barcelona the 12th of December?

Beats, beats, beats, and much love.

We ask this question to everyone interviewed at La Monda. We give you the beginning of the sentence and you have to complete it. So, here it goes…

“Artistic expression as a way of defending…………………”



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