To fall in love with Margaux Dereume

Margaux Dereume_fashion_lamondamagazine_1
Having a walk with a painting on can’t be very comfortable; the splinters of the frame must itch everywhere, the canvas slipping through your lovely buttocks and I don’t even want to think about the consequences of oil paint in the most sensitive skins. Take the idea off your mind, I’m not wearing that. What I would actually wear, as it gives the same results but in a easy to put on form, is Margaux Dereume’s clothing. She’s, as you can see, a master of prints. She wants to get the looks with her last collection (just like we like it) but without putting too much effort on it, not like in a “you gotta suffer to be pretty, darling” style. We’re too old for that anyway. Have a look and decide, ladies. I’m about to buy a pair of her leggins and go out running (yep, I just said running).

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Margaux Dereume_fashion_lamondamagazine_2

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