Matthew Quick, statue revision


Considered one of the 50 best Australian artists (it’s Business Review Weekly which states it, and it surely is more competent than me) painter Matthew Quick can’t stop being the coolest thing wherever he goes. You just need to click on his website and read all the prizes he has won in the last few years. From here on I can tell you Matthew that you start getting me the nerves, because you are a bit pedant, but your work is so good we can forgive you everything. Memorial sculpture in an urban context is a pole, you know it, and everybody knows it. Ex-mayors, important doctors and other relevant figures of urban history decorate the streets of the great metropolis of the world without evoking the slightest amount of interest in pedestrians, because be honest, you pay more attention to the “free chupito” flyers they give you than to the mayor that back in 1875 saved the city from a major calamity. So we love so much the reinterpretation of these sculptures Matthew performs through painting. They might be used as stalls, dumps, or antennas: with the young Australian anything counts!

Matthew Quick
Sergi Casero

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