Melitta Baumeister – Would you hug an alien?


“Attraction”, “sculptoric in a weird way” and “contemporary aesthetics”. Mix those three ideas in a cocktail, add up Fashion Design and New York. The result will be Melitta Baumeister’s brave work. This German born newyorker graduated in Fashion on 2013 at Parsons School and, since then, her work has been everywhere. Neutral colours that clash with unconventional shapes and textures. It’s the experimentation of the form. Her work focuses in materials while combining fashion, product design, sculpture and installations. The photography it’s under the talent of Paul Jung, who’s able to alienate the pieces even more and elevates them to sculptoric figures. Bizarre, but very desirable.

If you want to see more than her website, please do get to her Tumblr; it’s as hipnotising as her clothing and you won’t be able to see an entire picture.




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Melitta Baumeister
Paul Jung
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