You can be part of that race that likes Christmas so much that, even though you might be sitting down beside the most boring member of your family at the Xmas Eve dinner, your spirit, excitement and, above all, patience, would stay as intact as Donald Trump’s hairdo.

You might also be part of the opposite race; those who, no matter the time of the year, would see a colour combination consisting of green, white and red and would get so pissed off they would even think of recreating the legend of the Krampus.

In La Monda Magazine we think that, even if you like Xmas time or you don’t, if the thing is all about expanding the general having fun, eating, drinking, giving presents, loving yourself and others (specially in company dinners), we would always get on the bandwagon. In fact, with so much glitter and decoration, we would probably en un conquering the wagon, riding it and parading it in a total Rio de Janeiro style.

As José Feliciano would say (his surname mean something like “the happy dude” in Spanish, nothing can go wrong), Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happiness (he is a bit of a broken record though). We love you.


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