Monica Menez’s vision


I’m going to be as direct and clear as possible: Monica Menez makes us horny. It’s true that she is physically very good, but it’s her work what excites us. She is pure La Monda style, a perfect example of what we like or makes us cry with commotion. Fashion, images, videos and style all combined with humour, colour, defiance, originality and impudence are the most notable part of her work, so, evidently, as you have already guessed, we finally found our favourite photographer/creator. Her Hors d’oeuvre deserved a victory at the Madrid Fashion Film Festival (link below). Fish&Hips, Funny Games, Dear David, Kirkwood are some of her works that you HAVE TO take a look at. Monica, there’s only one thing we can say to you: Wir lieben dich.

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