Muriel Nisse’s masks


Since we started La Monda, we have become more and more acquainted with the wonderful world of masks, something we were quite ignorant about. Colors, volumes, fringes, pearls, papers, decorations, isolating tape, hair, sponge, grease, ropes… Well, an innumerable list of materials we thought were only needed for exercises of Interior Design or to decorate Barbies on our shelves. But no! Masks are fashionable, and everything we’ve mentioned to you, after being mixed together and arranged for the purpose, can give life to true masterpieces, like Muriel Nisse’s. Here is a vast collection of pictures from one of her best works. I can tell you one thing, from a personal point of view; if you ever see a big boned guy strolling around Barcelona’s streets, don’t be scared, it’s just plain old me with my new obsession.

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