After hours watching how the rocket was waiting to launch, the moment arrived; we were able to see what Primavera Sound 2016 was going to be. One more time, there are as many reactions as personalities. There’s the one that shouts and celebrates, the one that doesn’t really know what to say and the typical “well it could be better, right?” guy. In my case, I got three big questions: why did we doubt PXXR GVNG were going to be there? Why didn’t I check Grimes’s agenda before dreaming of watch her live at Fórum? And, above all: why aren’t Los Chichos one of the headliners?

We’ll criticise the band mash up, we’ll state who’s missing and then we’ll spend the next months trying to listen to some of the artists to make us like them and not have to re-sell our pass. I recommend you one: NAO, probably the name that thrilled me the most to read. The most informed ones will recognize her as the vocalist (and composer) of “Superego”, song included in Caracal, last album by Disclosure. But the truth is that this English girl was already causing expectation with her first two EPs, thanks to which the media and their recurring rankings can’t avoid placing her as one of the up and coming names of this year that has just begun. Nao is cool. Real soul, no pretending, with a feeling but electronic and from the city. Nao is cool and we’re gonna watch her live.

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