Do you that feeling that usually strikes in at 3am on a Saturday night and with dreamy eyes when you really need to tell your friends how important they are for you? That your life would be a mess without them? That probably your chocolate and cheesy films consumption would be much higher if they wouldn’t drag you out to the streets? We are constantly feeling that, even with no distilled beverages around. We like the exaltation of friendship. That’s why the last NJOY campaign made us smile; with Avicii sounding on the background, we keep on thinking there’s nothing we wouldn’t do for those who are always there and will never let us down. And, moreover, with no stinky smoke around; we just found out that NJOY, apart from helping you to quit smoking (stupid habit) can take you and a friend of yours traveling around Europe with a 2.500€ budget. You can enter the competition and try your luck till the 27th of February. If not, you can always send your good old mate a sample of electronic cigarettes (come on, it’s only 1€). It’s clear it’s a nasty habit and that he has to quit, the message won’t be subtle but… who needs to be subtle when you’re speaking to a true friend? ¡Take care, mates!


La Monda Team

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