Office selfies: Isabelle Wenzel


Yeah, we know what selfies are and we hate to mention them to start with this post (even using them on the title). A selfie, what was before know as a self-portrait, that ended up like a Facebook duckface pic or a Vang Gogh painting, a whatever to yourself. We’re kind of very tired of that “selfie” word, we get the shakes if we hear it. Unless it’s 3a.m. and we’re in the friendship exaltation stage, we heard the selfie call to arms and we build a little but fast pile full of glamour. We’re now in the studio though and our lovely followers must already know by heart what’s on the shelves behind us. Thanks to heaven, here’s Isabelle Wenzel to set a new trend; colour stockings, a cup of tea or a vase, one fine booty and… voilà!

Isabelle is just fantastic. This German photographer’s work is based on studying the human body. Nearly impossible positions that make bodies look like sculptures. Colourful photos full of tension. Will the cup fall? Who knows. Just imagine the moment; click on the button and start running to the spot, get the booty out position, put the cup on and… ¡done! Now imagine the process is repeated till the picture looks perfect. Pure genius, that’s what Isabelle Wenzel is.



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