We ran into this wonder by the simple means of chance: the triadic ballet created in 1922 by German Bauhaus professor Oskar Schlemmer (so difficult to tell where he comes from with that name, isn’t it?). Enough of the boring reference, and since we are busy with warnings, we also have to say the ballet is a bit slow and the video a bit long, but the clothes really deserve a more detailed examination (ok, we’ll even let you jump here and there in the video to see them more quickly). But why so much admiration? Because it’s so cool that in the ‘20s there were women dancing to the Charleston covered in fringes and feathers, while the man, sitting down at the table, probably smoking something with Paul Klee, could create such a geometric and audacious dressing style. We are so impressed because even nowadays, after almost a Century, not many people would dare to go to the grocery shop at the corner of the street dressed like that. We invite you to enjoy the ballet represented in the ‘70s and based on Oskar’s work; watch the video rather than the photos, because they don’t do it justice.

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