Pharrell & Murakami, explosive combo

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Many might be puzzled because of the friendship between Pharrell Williams and Japanese “Andy Warhol” Takashi Murakami. To be honest, it’s quite difficult not to wonder what on Earth singer and artist talk about whenever they go out partying or what has made the musician with the out of scale hat and the Japanese pop art emperor turn into inseparable. All doubt is left behind, though, when you watch the collaborations they’ve been doing along the years and that have seen their peak with Pharrell’s “It Girl” video created by Murakami and presented last week.

The artist, following his usual style, shows off all the Japanese popular culture in a manga character and childish aesthetic bombing exercise in the video, mixing it all up with an 8 bit Pharrell or watercolours. An exaltation of Japanese baroque and horror vacui that nearly leads us to a seizure. We couldn’t expect less from this two, dangerous but profitable liaisons.
Sergi Casero

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