Zzzzz… (alarm off+snooze) (alarm off+snooze) (final alarm). Where am I? Bloody hell, it’s still Tuesday (change “Tuesday” for any other day of the week except Saturday or Sunday – God bless them).

That feeling of not wanting to wake up in the morning. Feeling so comfy underneath your clean blankets in case you’re at your mum’s, not so clean if you live on your own. Their softness and smell trap you, you worm your way inside and start thinking on bizarre excuses not to go to work. You feel warm and confronting reality amongst so much pleasure is tough, we know. But, what would happen if you could take your blankets with you? You wouldn’t have to shower, you’d forget about lacing up your shoes, combing your hair or washing your teeth (you even needn’t think). That way you’d sleep half an hour more and it would be easier to go to work, wouldn’t it? This method could exist thanks to Dutch Poul Brouwer’s first collection: clean, white and quilted like the blankets at home.

Poul’s creativity and übertalent is the answer to years fearing the morning alarm clock. That’s why we’ve decided to have him in our blog. Now we kind of doubt about how we would face the rest of the day amongst to much comfort, but we will solve that on some other post…




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