Pretty, cheap! by Quentin Shih


Chinese shops are like Ali Baba’s magical cave, and not because they are dark and gloomy, but because they contain lots of marvellous things. Photograph Quentin Shih knows it and started buying their trivial objects to later take photos of them. In this series, called 99 cents, the essential elements are pastel colours, a foggy aura, but most of all plastic, plastic and more plastic. Quentin doesn’t hide the fact these objects come from the shop at the corner of the street; on the contrary, he shows it on purpose, with the original price tags, where you can see the real price, 99 cents. Pretty and cheap.

quentin_shih_la_monda_magazine_photography_3 quentin_shih_la_monda_magazine_photography_2 quentin_shih_la_monda_magazine_photography_1

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