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Procrastination, that celebrated sport by our generation full of lazy people. Day after day, the media and the new technologies make focusing a rather difficult task; it’s nearly impossible to do the washing without taking a little break to see what’s happening in Twitter or finishing an email without having a look at all your facebook albums. I’ve already stopped three times to see what’s up on Tinder before finishing this post. Let’s accept it, beloved readers, we’re the ADHA generation, we’ve made up the “procrastination” word and we’re proud about it.

From the investigation and development institute of La Monda we’ve decided to make a turning point and transform procrastination into something productive. Here you are three websites where your boredom and wasted time will become audio-gold that will make you a star. is the first side where, typing on your keyboard, you’ll generate repetitive and catchy beats. Other music experimentation website is the project made by Femurdesign that turns your computer into a theremin; dropping it like Björk, impersonating your first modem or blowing your colleagues’ eardrums it’s on your hands now. And last, but not least, the Patatap project by Jono Brandel allows you to create abstract visuals that will turn your pupils into shit while you type random letters on your computer. With these three tools and lots of hours of procrastination you’ll earn a place at next year’s Sónar festival. Ditch your jobs, you can now be David Guetta!

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