It’s raining cats


You’ve woken up early, and when you open the curtains waiting for the sun to shine you see cats raining from the sky instead. All this wonder should be in black and white, to make the scene even more surreal and cinematographic. Cool, right? Well, it’s not going to happen. There might be some frog rain, because the Bible says so, but cats? Never ever!

Maybe it was the pain caused by knowing this dream would never come true that made French duo Mrzyk&Moriceau (also creators of the fantastic video “Look” for Sébastien Taller, or, as it’s more widely known, “the video with the swaying ass”) start to film cats in slow motion and with totally pop aesthetics. And of course, the combination with the super tune “Systematic” by Australian group Midnight Juggernauts ensured further success to this masterpiece. We leave you to enjoy with all your senses all these cute slow-motion kittens. Meow!

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