Disco-Balls melt according Rotganzen


Like Dalí’s clocks which melted like Brie cheese in the sun, disco balls also feel their time’s over, and slump like our bodies on the sofa on a Sunday afternoon. Rotganzen, an artistic collective from Rotterdam explain in this way their melting disco balls: memories from a glorious past. Rotganzen are three boys: Robin, Joeri and Mark. Together, they form a powerful group that creates some attractive works. They play with the humour of the objects and give them a personality, as they did with disco balls. Disco balls used to be big, beautiful and shiny. They had the centre of the dance floor all for themselves during decades, and now we see they have changed their shape from a point of view that doesn’t bear any catastrophic tone, but genuine humour. Like a deflated balloon that you keep out of pure affection, but that you also can’t wait to see in the bin when it’s nothing more than a worthless piece of plastic. Similarly, the ball understands it’s time to retire and start something new. Or maybe it’s just that disco balls also have hangovers.

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Marta Gui

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