Sam Coldy, the guy to envy


In the world of Graphic Design, looking at so many portfolios, blogs, Behance etc envy is just a constant feeling amongst all the colleagues of the profession. Then when you see work like Sam Coldy’s you ask yourself why those images are not under your name (specially in my case as we share initials), why you didn’t go for graphic experimentation while you were designing your cousin’s first communion cards, or how is it that it wasn’t you who buried the CMYK creating digital illustrations in a million colours. All this rage and jealousy whirlwind grows the more you see of this young Londoner’s work that not only does posters and abstract illustrations, but also brand design, typography and, what is worse, band Peace’s Art Direction, one of the musical next big things of last year at Primavera Sound. Get ready to pull your hair, bite your nails and bang your head against the wall with Sam Coldy.






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Sam Coldy
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