Virgin? Not here! By Soasig Chamaillard


We thought we knew pretty much anything about Virgins (Macarena, Guadalupe, Montserrat, Pilar and Carmen among many others less famous). As good worshippers, we admired them and praised them, thinking they were the only ones, the real thing. We even asked ourselves whether or not we should have bought one of their statues to place it on top of the TV, next to the Spanish bull and Lola la Flamenca. But we’ve discovered a new virginal world that we would never have thought of. These new virgins are cooler, closer and more accessible, more like (and for) us. Here are all of them (and they’re French, too!): Sainte Barbie, in fuchsia and platinum gold, Super Marie with her flying robe, Sainte Moon waiting to take you back to your childhood, and also Nouvelle Moon to show you the stars. They’re all there for you, you just have to pick your favorite and see where it goes. We thank you Soasig Chamaillard, you created our perdition and you are now our God.

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