Starwin – Boys Noize


This morning we woke up in a party mood (and I was particularly in need of a good “candela”) so we decided to go directly to Venice Beach, California. This sunny, palm-tree paradise, filled with people still living in the ‘80s, and still bearing fanny packs unsurprisingly has a lot of fans, us included. Boys Noize also had their mind set on it, especially on a local tribe: roller-skaters. Watch the video (check out the prehistoric American hippie –min 1:25– and the mysterious rubber man –min 2:12–) and try to answer this question: Who best represents genius in its true form? Madonna with her skates and neat choreography in “Sorry”, or those two men putting it together on the beach? We think fame should be divided better (and also that Madonna should have long been placed in formalin).

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