It’s not cool to repeat clichés and we know that age doesn’t matter, size neither, that you can’t judge the book by its cover and that high school hotties age awfully. But Steph Wilson was born in 1992; she’s 24. 24 years old, which is less that a quarter of a century. She’s very young. And that’s where the magic is.

Wilson lives in London and she’s an artist, a photographer and has an incredibly developed style. It seems that her images are moments in stories where you don’t really know what’s going on, but you definitely know that something unsettling is going on and you don’t really know if you want to stay to discover it. Her discourse on gender and beauty only makes it more perfect. Blessed youth and its emojis.

Wilson vive en Londres y es artista, fotógrafa y tiene una mirada increíblemente trabajada. Da la sensación de que sus imágenes son momentos de historias en los que no se llega a saber exactamente qué está pasando, pero todos intuímos que algo inquietante hay en todo esto y no sabemos si queremos averiguarlo. Su discurso sobre el género y la belleza no hacen más que perfeccionarlo. Bendita juventud y sus emojis.

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