It’s unbelievable what young Chinese artist Li Hongbo has managed to create out of something as simple as paper. Joining loads of layers (thousands maybe) in a block, Li achieves a solid structure where he can sculpt any kind of form, usually human bodies or skeletons. At first they look like plaster or marble sculptures, but they are actually sheets glued together following a beehive design. When stretched, all the sheets move in a indisputable precision; thus he creates a flexible sculpture that evolves into a scary or morbid piece, a toy for those fetishists that have, at some point desired, to deform someones face with kung-fu movements. As few will be so lucky to deform Li’s work (he’s now exhibiting on the Biennal of Sydney), we recommend you to use that post-it sticker notes that sit on your desk. The useless and out of date encyclopedia collection that takes too much space at home also works.