You, beloved readers, know that in La Monda we are honest people that aren’t easy to cajole with a few cocktails and some sweets (at least, not for this). And that we always tell you our most sincere opinion. In this case, a very positive opinion. Yesterday we had the opportunity to go to the Pretty Little Thing online store new collection launch party held at the Disco Club in London, where we had a preview of their new clothing pieces. Inspired in the 90s decade and mixing it up with a punk twist, we saw lot of long dresses, studs, sequins and velvet and all designed to be really stylish (heaven of hipsters, Dalston is cheering!). But, above all, what caught our eye was the affordable price of the items; let’s face it, we are all very cool, but also rather poor. So, totally up for it. The funny moment of the night happened when we were apparently surrounded by X-Factor celebs and our Editor, due to her absentminded general tendency, didn’t even notice.