As many of you know by now, Spain is one of those countries where you can find unendless creative talent; in every corner there are ten fashion designers, six graphic designers and probably a photographer going all conga and praying to heaven for job opportunities. That’s why, filled with good taste and working capacity (treats that in case of events and festivals are scarce), we got a new edition of South 36.32N, another chance for those artists and creators to show what they’re capable of. It will happen in Cadiz (Southern Spain); lots of sea breeze and fried fish to enjoy shows by designers like Timo Zündorf (Antwerp), Pedro Covelo (Barcelona), Juan Carlos Pajares (Madrid), a showroom with pieces by, for example, Beatriz Peñalver (Granada) or Airova (A Coruña/ Paris), music by Grebnellaw (Stockholm) and talks by Topacio from La Fresh Gallery. So, yeah, we’re all meeting in Cadiz from the 25th to the 27th of June, right?






After a very successful 2014 edition, the FIU festival is back and full of energy. FIU, which is already considered as THE reference festival for up and coming young creative talent, offers this year more activities, presents, parties, beers and even food! (we know you all love to eat). On this edition, you’ll be able to watch and listen to speakers as marvellous as Sergi Casero, the naughtiest La Monda Magazine contributor. Daniel Aristizabal, visual artist expert in 3D that contributed to our magazine with his editorial HUEVOS will also be talking there, as well as our beloved sexy director Andoni Beristain, who apart from explaining things about his job, he’ll gone full venezuelan soap opera mode. So, yeah, you know, FIU festival will be waiting for you at the Estrella Damm Factory in Barcelona on the 11th of May. Come say hi!


Have you ever shared some time with someone that plays any sort of percussion? No matter if they come from the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the side band for Cliff Richards or some grindcore metal group, they will all have something in common: that constant “playing” everything around, the the need to rhythmically tap the table or a leg.

Felix Faire has taken playing the environment to a whole new level. This British musician, architect and coder has created “Contact: Augmented Acoustics”, a technology project that turns any tactile surface in a music instrument. Faire is young (1991), but using microphones and knock recognition wave analysis he’s already been proclaimed one of the 7 designers of the future by Design Week. A crazy mix between Minority Report, giant piano rugs and an intergalactic musical, Augmented Acoustics looks like a key part of the future.

Felis Faire will be talking and playing his show on Thursday, 5th of March, at the Mazda Space Barcelona invited by Sónar+D by Mazda Rebels.

tUnE-yArDs: colourful hurricane

A lot has been said since the organisation of the most important music festival in Spain (alongside with Sónar) revealed their new edition line-up last Wednesday.  In La Monda, we could make a deep research of the names that this Primavera Sound 2015 is bringing; about what we think of them including bands sleepier than Diazepam or about highlight the sudden fear we feel when thinking about the fanatic phenomenon that the presence of Julian Casablancas can trigger, but music magazines are already doing that.
We’re going to focus on celebrating that tUnE-yArDs is coming back to Spain with one of the best albums of 2014. In this last release (Nikki Nack, 2014), American Merrill Garbus ventures with all genres, from funk to folk, going through afro-pop and jazz; amazing display of colourful, poliritmic party. We can assure you that if this girl is already a blast in recording, just wait and watch her live; she’s an energy, good vibe and surprising hurricane. Who would say that Garbus, whose first album was self-recorded in recycled cassette tape, would end up in festivals like Primavera Sound and being a total reference name.